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Hey guys! ;3

Beware of Transformers/Robots and TF / SLASH, porn, Yaoi ect. on this site/Gallery/Fav's. :)


And let me link an adorable person here.
:iconawesomedevplz: :iconcaptainaza: :iconeagerdummyglompplz:
She's a very nice, funny, crazy and awesome person, really. Her art is just grandious and I really started to love her. Check her out! She's great! ;*
I'm glad I met you here you beautiful thing you. ;* <3 :iconsweethugplz:

:iconcoco-rrupted: Words can't even describe how much I adore this person. She's more than a good friend, even if we don't know us that long. Her art ist just genius and stunning, you just have to go check her Gallery and take a lookie! I never want to loose her, because I think she's the only one who really understands me, and likes me how I am and who I am. And I'm really a weird Person with even more weird habits...
She's mein Schätzelein. ♥


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Please just stop by Psyko-KineticsPlease just stop by Psyko-KineticsPlease just stop by Psyko-KineticsPlease just stop by Psyko-Kinetics
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Stamp: Transformers Prime by Araktugage Faction logo-checker stamp by daughter-of-Myou i wish my car transformed by meimei-stamps Prowl X Bumblebee by GeminiGirl83 Starscream Fan by GeminiGirl83 Megatron Stamp 1 by Yula568 TFP Soundwave stamp by D-NightRain TFP - Soundwave - Starscream Love by DJMoonRay DOTM Shockwave Stamp 1 by psyco-dragon Jazz Bayverse by higher-flyer

Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp Normal People Scare Me Stamp by trinitylast Stamp by Cetix

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Stamp - Brook Yohoho by coffeefanatic3462 BROOK <3


Hey, want SOME? by Makani-chan
Hey, want SOME?
Haiii mein Schätzelein! *Flausch*

Hier ist dein Weihnachts- (und vll auch 'dezent' verspätetes B-Day-) Geschenk <3 Mistakes könnten vorhanden sein, musste etwas rushen weil wegen isso.... Ich zeichne so sauber wie nen Granatapfel eh ich muss mir das mal abgewöhnen XD >D

Womit ich am meisten Probleme hatte waren 1. dieser kleine verfickte Kragen, und 2. seine HAARE. XD Diese Frisur.. aghaghhsfhjhfdjfdsf XD Hoffe es gefällt dir trotzdem einigermaßen x3

Handsome Jack ©2014 Gearbox Software, LLC. / Borderlands 2
Picture drawn by Makani-chan

ONLY Coco-rrupted :iconcoco-rrupted: HAS THE PERMISSION TO USE IT.
Wait.. Status? öuö Well then, trying shit out: Hellooow Watchers! I really appreciate every single one of u! Thanks for keep following me even if I am not that active anymore with Pictures.. ;u;
Faeryn and Eone for Coco-rrupted by Makani-chan
Faeryn and Eone for Coco-rrupted
I made this picture for my Schätzelein :iconcoco-rrupted: Coco-rrupted Bro hug 

I really love her OC's they're just uniqe and sweet, all of them. I dont actually like OC's (I pretty much hate them), but those from Coco are very special, interesting and very lovely designed. Remember I got a little crush on Ralortnem? *Laughs*

These two are my favorites so far, but Tivyth is pretty awesome too, I just felt in love with the story from Faeryn and Eone, it's just too cute x3

So, I hope I haven't made too many errors on this, and so I hope u get what i meant with these two, you know, Eone likes Faeryn very much, but I've read that Faer doesn't care, and I couldn't stand this, u know me too well, I ship many things, and even these two. ♥ (And I got something in mind besides that, feel free to ask, Schätzelein)

Heh, I'm pretty stunned how that turned out at the end, I was totally worried because of the background, but even that could I fix.. *Pats herself* LoL

Picture © :iconmakani-chan:

The Characters belong to :iconcoco-rrupted:Coco-rrupted!
You don't have the permission to use this in any way.
Not even I do. öuö

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